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Compass: A Different Way of Living

2023-02-05 Pastor Jonathan Falwell Last week, we began walking through some specific points in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount which He wanted the hearer to understand. Today we continue to look at…

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"My Road" with Luska Suzano

Luska Suzano’s life was in shambles after her marriage ended in divorce. The day-to-day struggles were almost too overwhelming, until God led her to an oasis of refuge that once again brought…

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"My Road" with Austin Case

Even though his parents divorced when he was very young, Austin Case grew up going to church every Sunday. He always "knew" about Christ, but he never really came to KNOW Jesus in a…

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"My Road" with Heather Johnson

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"My Road" with Bob Dodson

Bob Dodson shares his story of redemption after going through two divorces.

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"My Road" with Tripp White

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A Legacy of Faith - Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage

July 1997 Dr. Jerry Falwell Episode 18 - Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage A Legacy of Faith

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