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"My Road" with Joe Richard

In loving Memory of Joe Richard

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"My Road" with Mary Beth Jackson

Mary Beth Jackson shares her story of God's faithfulness after the premature birth of her daughter.

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"My Road" with Amy Xie

Amy Xie grew up in China searching for the meaning of life, and fearing the prospect of death, until an unlikely friend showed her a single verse from the Bible.

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"My Road" with Morgan Cox

Growing up as a pastor's kid, Morgan Cox thought she knew God. But after witnessing her father physically abuse her mother, then turn his violence toward both her and her sister, the faith and…

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"My Road" with Mike Bryant

In 1973, as a young fourth grade student at Lynchburg Christian Academy and Thomas Road Baptist Church, Mike Bryant’s life was dramatically changed when he accepted Jesus into his heart. But…

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"My Road" with Heather Johnson

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"My Road" with Megan McCartney

Growing up as the young daughter of missionary parents to Hungary, Megan McCartney already knew that God had an amazing plan for her life. But later, as a teenager serving in Romania, she witnessed…

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"My Road" with Enkhee Tsolmon

Raised in the communist country of Mongolia, Ehkhee tells the story of how missionaries shared the gospel and brought her entire family to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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"My Road" with Bob Dodson

Bob Dodson shares his story of redemption after going through two divorces.

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"My Road" with Don Brooks

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"My Road" with Dane Emerick

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"My Road" with Kimberly Siitonen

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"My Road" with Stephen Kerr

Stephen Kerr shares his testimony about how the Biblical lessons he learned from his parents as a child had a profound impact in helping him to know God’s plan for his life. His story of faith…

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"My Road" with Abby Williams

Abby Williams shares her story of how the tragic loss of her beloved grandfather, at a time when her identity in Christ was already fading away, sent her spiraling down a dangerous path of…

From  TR Films 39 plays

"My Road" with Sam Smith

Sam Smith

From  TR Films 48 plays

"My Road" with Nancy Lee

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