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Awana Awards Sparks and T&T 2020

Congratulations to the Sparks and T&T kids who completed books this year ,but great job to all kids who memorized God's Word and hid it in their hearts!

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Sparks Lesson May 20, 2020

This is Sparks last lesson for the year!

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Sparks Awana Lesson May 13, 2020

Watch this lesson about Joshua and be sure to check out the activity page in the 'Attachments'.

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Sparks Lesson May 6, 2020

Watch this lesson about Miss Jayne's missing friend, and then go to the 'Attachments' tab for a fun family activity.

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Sparks Lesson April 29, 2020

This lesson is just for you Sparkies! Open the 'Attachments' for a special activity.

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Awana Sparks lesson April 1, 2020

Miss Jayne W is teaching on Cain and Abel this week! Be sure to open the attachments for a fun activity after you watch the lesson.

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