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Kid's Karnival 2022 Monday October 31, 6-8 pm Thomas Road Baptist Church All Kids Up To 5th Grade For More Information:

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TRS Fall 2021 Parent Video

Pastor Derik gives us an update on what is happening with Thomas Road Student Ministries in the fall

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Refuel One Day 21 - Aaron Gaston / Derik Idol

2021-02-15 Refuel One Day 2021 Breakout 3 - Aaron Gaston and Derik Idol NextGen Discipling Learn More:

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TR Students - February 10

2021-02-10 TR Students

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TRBCkids Lesson December 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Jesus! This is our last Christmas lesson, focusing on the wise men that followed the bright star to find Jesus and worship Him. Open the attachments for your Family Worship Guide and…

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TRBCkids Sunday Lesson December 13, 2020

Jesus is Born!! Mary and Jospeh travelled to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born in a stable and wrapped in swaddling cloths. And they called His name Jesus!

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TRBCkids Sunday lesson December 6, 2020

It is the Christmas season and we look forward to Jesus being born! This week we will tell about how the angels came to Mary and Jospeh and chose them to be Jesus' earthly parents.

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TRBCkids Online Sunday Lesson

We are getting ready for the Christmas season! The Old Testament prophets foretold about the coming of the Messiah. Just another way we see the overarching story of Scripture. All Scripture points to…

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TRBCkids Lesson November 22, 2020

Jesus commanded us to 'Go and Tell' just before He ascended back to Heaven. Don't forget to download the Family Worship guide in the 'Attachments' to assist your family as…

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TRBCkids Bible Lesson November 15, 2020

We are getting nearer to the time when Jesus will be leaving the earth to return to Heaven. This week He appears to more of His disciples, one of them being doubting Thomas. Be sure to download the…

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TR Students - November 11

2020-11-11 Thomas Road Students

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TRBCkids Preschool and Elementary Lesson 11/8/20

Jesus is Alive and this week He meets with a few of His disciples as they walk down the road to a place called Emmaus. Don't forget to download the attachments to go along with the videos.

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TRBCkids Resurrection Lesson

This week God showed His power and raised Jesus from the dead. Jesu is alive! Be sure to open the Attachments for some extras for Kid Central and Route 45 kids.

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TRBCkids Lesson October 25, 2020

This lesson is on the crucifixion and death of Jesus. we ahem chronologically been studying the life of Jesus on earth, and although it is not Easter, it is important to cover this lesson in the life…

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TR Students - October 21

2020-10-21 Thomas Road Students

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10/18/20 Kids Pre K Lesson

Kids Lesson Jesus get arrested.

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