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Easter Sunday: Because our Redeemer lives…

2021-04-04 Jonathan Falwell Job found himself in a hopeless situation. His life had been forever changed because of the suffering he endured. His friends and family that remained were blaming him for…

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"My Road" with Evelyn Loyd

"I did not realize that God would use my sister's death, my brother's death, and then my husband's death to bring about a new person." -- Evelyn Loyd

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"My Road" with Melody Hicks

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Get Fit: Physically

2015-01-18 Scott Bullman Today is week 3 in our sermon series “GET FIT”. In week one we discussed our need to be Spiritually Fit and how avoiding sin and pursuing God through worship and…

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The Great Exchange: God's Love For Our Loss

2014-12-21 Pastor Jonathan Falwell We've talked about the Great Exchange. The exchange of all of God's goodness for all of our hurts, pain and fear. But today, as we conclude our…

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"My Road" with Don Brooks

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"My Road" with Nathan Joseph

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"My Road" with Stacy Rhodes

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"My Road" with Bubba Wade

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"My Road" with Kaycie LaGronge

After the tragic loss of her younger sister and brother-in-law, Kaycie LaGrone felt like God had abandoned her. Although her relationship with Jesus seemed completely shattered, she still had a…

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