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"From Vision to Victory" A History of Thomas Road Baptist Church

The story of how a young preacher from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia planted a church that would dramatically change the world for the cause of Jesus Christ.

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Innovate Church - Ed Stetzer

2008-08-13 Ed Stetzer - Director, Missiologist, LifeWay Research

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Innovate Church - Chuck Colson

2008-08-12 Chuck Colson - Chairman & Founder Breakpoint

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Annie Moses Band Concert

2008-05-18 Annie Moses Band Concert

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Best Supporting Actor: Malachi

2015-07-26 Doug Randlett What happens when we lose the “awe factor” of our faith?In Malachi, the Jews were just going through the motions. Outwardly, everything seemed fine. Inside, the…

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Finding Your True Identity: Ephesians 1

2013-07-07 Doug Randlett Ephesians 1 Pastor Doug expounds on Ephesians chapter 1, emphasizing five spiritual blessings believers receive from Christ, and the importance of praying for other…

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Doug Randlett - July 17

2011-07-17 Doug Randlett Beginning in chapter 4 Paul talks about sharing the gospel. In verse 6 he reminds us that we have this light of the gospel shining in our hearts.He goes on in chapter 5 to…

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Doug Randlett - January 16

2011-01-16 Doug Randlett

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2 Chronicles 6:14-16

2010-07-04 Doug Randlett 2 Chronicles 6:14-16 234 years ago a new nation was born. A nation that has shown its strength to survive these many years through wars and natural disasters.Her strength is…

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Manage IT! For Dummies - Part 5: Decision-Making

2009-05-17 Doug Randlett Manage IT! For Dummies - Part 5: Decision-Making How did I make this correct life-changing decision? How did I know that the deacon had the answer?One thing I knew that I…

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Jonathan Falwell - December 28

2008-12-28 Jonathan Falwell, Doug Randlett, Rod Dempsey, Matt Willmington & Charles Billingsley

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Doug Randlett - January 6

2008-01-06 Doug Randlett

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Doug Randlett - October 21

2007-10-21 Doug Randlett

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Portrait of a King - Lesson 5: Life's Purpose

Lesson 5: Life's Purpose Portrait of a King

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