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2022-10-25 Flourish Bible Study Linda & Jen Barrick

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Priceless - Girls Night Out

2018-10-18 HopeOutLoud presents Priceless - Girls Night Out Hosted by Linda and Jen Barrick Priceless is a 30-Day Devotional in the Pslams Purchase the book Priceless by Jen and Linda Barrick

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Here am I Lord, use me

2016-11-06 The Barrick Family The Barrick family (Andy, Linda, Jennifer & Joshua) share their miracle story of how God has carried them and turned tragedy into triumph. Learn about forgiveness…

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"My Road" with Andy Barrick

After surviving a horrific car accident that severely injured him and his family, and later a cancer diagnosis that affected both he and his daughter; Andy Barrick shares how giving thanks IN ALL…

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