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2024-01-14 Matt Willmington Luke 9:23-24 Where are you walking in 2024? Who are you following? Who are you walking with? The answer to these questions: JESUS Luke 9:23-24 CSB Then he said to them…

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2022-05-15 Pastor Jonathan Falwell / Derik Idol / Cody Mummau / Jeremy Rader Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (CSB) “Listen, Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one., 5 Love the Lord your God with all…

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Women's Life Conference

2020-04-09 Women's Life Conference

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Refuel One Day 21 - Ian Macintyre

2021-02-15 Refuel One Day 2021 Breakout 2 - Ian Macintyre Connecting New Disciples Learn More:

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Refuel One Day 21 - Luis Nodal / Sergio Guardia

2021-02-15 Refuel One Day 2021 Breakout 1 - Luis Nodal and Sergio Guardia Disciples Make Disciples Learn More:

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What's Next?

Luis Nodal talks about What's Next.

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Disciples Making Disciples - Chapter 10

Aaron Gaston teaches on Life in the Church - Chapter 10.

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Parenting that Sticks - Dr. Daniel Broyles

2019-05-18 Parenting that Sticks - Big Truth Dr. Daniel Broyles – Family Discipleship is a Pursuit Family discipleship is not about a curriculum, it’s a pursuit. Parents have the…

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Why Discipleship

2019-06-05 Kent Wise - Why Discipleship

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Refuel Conference Discipleship Panel Q&A

2018 Refuel Conference Q&A

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