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Awana Awards Sparks and T&T 2020

Congratulations to the Sparks and T&T kids who completed books this year ,but great job to all kids who memorized God's Word and hid it in their hearts!

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T&T Lesson May 20, 2020

Miss Rosemarie ends the T&T year talking about the Hall of Faith from Hebrews 11. Find the activity sheet in the Attachments.

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T&T Awana Lesson May 13, 2020

Watch this lesson from Miss Rosemarie; it's one of her favorites! Be sure to check out the activity page in the 'Attachments'.

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T&T Lesson May 6, 2020

Be sure to go to the 'Attachments' tab for fun activities that go along with this video.

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Awana T&T lesson April 1, 2020

Miss Rosemarie is teaching on Jesus restoring His relationship with Peter this week! Be sure to open the attachment for a fun activity after you watch the lesson.

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